You don't have to spend $100 in paid ads just to get 1 customer

Launchman helps you create marketing pages at scale for your product and ACTUALLY bring in new users from Google search.

Think pages like - "Top 5 X for Y"

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Your SEO strategy is failing you

People look for solutions to their problems on Google. No one is searching for your product directly.

Launchman helps you create 100s of landing pages that answer questions your users are already searching for. This is called Programmatic SEO and it's the best way to bring new users into your funnel.

  1. Get cheap users

    SEO is by far the cheapest marketing strategy that yields long-lasting results.

  2. Set it & Forget it

    Focus on the product as your SEO dominance takes care of the Marketing.

  3. Lead Magnets

    Content you can post on relevant Reddit, Twitter, and FB groups to bring traffic.

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We are No-Code friendly. There is no coding required to get started. Launchman connects with Airtable and lets you generate a new page per row. It's just that easy!


Fast AF

We render all our pages server-side so they're fast AF. Google loves fast pages. In fact, it's one of the top ranking criterias.


Keep your old setup

New pages can be seamlessly connected to your existing website. We set up URL rewrite rules so your users won't know that the content is coming from a different app.


Dynamic Sitemaps

Sitemaps are how Google know what pages to index on your website. We create a dynamic sitemap that updates as you create pages so Google will always be to find you easily.


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Unlock key features and higher usage limits

  • Unlimited sites

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